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Blogging about movies can get expensive. I currently have subscriptions to HBO, Starz, and Netflix so I can find appropriate films and tv shows to review. I also try to get to current movies that I think are relevant for this blog, and that costs a lot of money, especially since movie theaters charge a ridiculous amount for popcorn. So if you want to send a little money my way, I’d appreciate it. I’d rather not run ads on the blog, because I think that’s ugly and crass. I’d rather find ways to give you better value for your money. So there are two ways you can support my blog.

The first is to buy something I’ve linked to on Amazon. I get a small percentage of the total proceeds from any sale you make if you get to Amazon through one of the links on my blog. So if you buy one of the books I like to, you get to learn a little more about the topic and I make a small amount of money. I try to make sure that I’m only linking to quality books, although I haven’t read every book I link to. If I’m linking to something that’s not by a professional scholar, I’ll say so, so you know what I think might be good or bad about a source. And if a source might be extremely scholarly and not ideal for the average layperson, I’ll say so.

The other option for supporting me is through Paypal. You can make a donation of any amount, either as a one-time gift or as a recurring monthly payment. If you donate at least $10, I will let you request a review of a particular movie or tv show. (TV shows take more time, since I watch the whole first season, so please give a little more if you want me to tackle one.) Assuming I can get access to the requested title and I think it’s appropriate for the blog, I’ll give you at least one post on it, and quite possible 3-4. (If I can’t track it down or think it’s not appropriate for some reason, I’ll let you pick something else.) My specialty is medieval Europe (although I’m fairly strong on ancient history as well). I also have a fair degree of familiarity with women’s history, gay history, and the Middle East. The further away in time or space you get from my core strengths, the harder it will be for me to make really intelligent comments on something, but I’ll do my best.

To anyone who buys something or donates, no matter how small, I sincerely thank you.