Index of Movies

This page serves as an index for the films I’ve reviewed. If you want to read the posts for a film listed on this page, use the search feature.

Most of these films and shows have more than a single post devoted to them. The links here are to the first post.


13th Warrior, The


300 2: Rise of an Empire

300 Spartans, The

1492: The Conquest of Paradise


Admiral, The (aka Michiel de Ruyter)

Advocate, The (Aka The Hour of the Pig)

Agony and the Ecstasy, The





Arn The Knight Templar



Ben Hur (2016 version)




Bruce, The



Day of the Siege (aka September Eleven, 1683)

Dracula Untold

Dragon Knight

Disney’s Robin Hood

Duchess, The

Eagle, The


Elizabeth: the Golden Age


Exodus: Gods and Kings

Girl King, The


Gods of Egypt

Hail, Caesar!

Headsman, The (Aka Shadow of the Sword)

Henry V (Lawrence Olivier version)

Henry V (Kenneth Branagh version)

Hercules (Dwayne Johnson version)

Hidden Figures


I Am Henry

Imitation Game, The


Ironclad: Battle for Blood

King Arthur

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Last King, The

Lee Daniels’ The Butler

Lion in Winter, The

Little Chaos, A

Little Hours, The

Madness of King George, The

Mohenjo Daro

Mrs Brown (aka Her Majesty, Mrs Brown)

Mummy, The


Normal Heart, The

Omar Khayyam

Out of Africa

Physician, The

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women


Red Baron, The


Robe, The

Robin Hood (Russell Crowe version)

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Royal Affair, A

Russian Ark

Start the Revolution Without Me

Stealing Heaven



Sword of Vengeance

Thessalus and Medea

Tulip Fever


Vision: From the Life of Hildgegarde von Bingen

War Lord, The

Wonder Woman

Witch, The


TV Shows

Almighty Johnsons, The



Downton Abbey


Fall of Eagles

Game of Thrones



I, Claudius

Last Kingdom, The

Marco Polo

Penny Dreadful




Troy: Fall of a City

Turn: Washington’s Spies


Vikings, The


White Queen, The


40 thoughts on “Index of Movies”

  1. I am sooo excited to find this page! I too am always interested in the historical accuracy of movies. I insist that there should be a flashing green light of to the side to indicate, “Yes, this is accurate!” LOL

    Thank you!

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  2. I found your blog through Kathryn Warner’s Edward II page on Facebook and read your post about Braveheart’s overtones. I came here to see what else you’ve written about. I hope you don’t mind me making a suggestion. If it’s unwanted, please ignore me!

    To curate your posts a little better, you can use WordPress’s “Category” feature. Make a category for each movie, then assign every post to the relevant movie. Once you’ve done that, you can hyperlink the movie titles on this page so that they link to the relevant category, bringing up all the posts you’ve written about that movie.

    I hope this explanation doesn’t make things even more confusing. Please let me know if you have any questions 🙂


    • I started thinking about using Categories over the weekend, but I haven’t had time to sit down and figure out how it works (despite being a blogger, I’m not very tech-savvy). If I can find the time this week (or if my tech-slave/husband has time) I’ll see if I can get it done. Thanks for the advice!

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  3. I am surprised you have not given a review on the Tudors or The White Queen.


  4. My friends and family give me a hard time because I complain about historical inaccuracies in movies. They say, “it’s a movie, get over it”. I say if they’re not going to make it accurate, why use real people and places? I’m glad I found your site and can’t wait to read more of your reviews. Carry on the fight for truth in film!

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  5. Apparently, today is “Hug your medievalist day”. So here’s a cyber-hug for you, and thank you for this very interesting and informative blog. 🙂


    • Thank you. It is indeed Hug a Medievalist Day. It’s not yet a Federal holiday, but I’m sure it will be eventually, due to overwhelming popular demand


  6. Not sure if this is something you would review or not, but I love the documentary series “Monarchy”, and would like an expert’s view on how accurate it is. Being a documentary, I would assume it was much more accurate than any movie, but I have seen a few documentaries that use assumptions and theories instead of facts. My favorite sections are the ones leading up to and including the Tudors.


  7. I found your blog through Frock Flicks. I’m very glad I did, as you’ve been a source of great entertainment and information. I wondered if you’d encountered a 1993 film called “Anchoress”, directed by Chris Newby. I stumbled over it in college. It’s supposed to be based on accounts of a 14th century English anchorite named Christine Carpenter. I wasn’t a fan of the pacing, but it’s an interesting, small film. I admit complete ignorance as to its period accuracy.


  8. Have you reviewed Outlander the TV show?


  9. I know you’ve said you don’t want to review documentaries, but I just finished “Code breaker” on Netflix, about Alan Turning. He was a genius who is credited with coming up with the very idea of computers, binary code, biological mathematics, and was a key member of the team that cracked the enigma machine in World War II. He should be as known to everyone as Einstein and Newton, but because he was homosexual, he was treated like total crap by Britain and never given the respect he deserved. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and to know how accurate the documentary was. If it was accurate, then it truly breaks my heart that such a great man was treated in such a shameful way.


    • Have you read my columns on the Imitation Game? If not, you should.


      • Just read your column on “Imitation Game”, which I have never seen and knew little about. From everything you said, I’d say “Code Breaker” on Netflix has it pretty spot-on. I like Benedict Cumberbach, mostly as Sherlock Holmes, but I don’t think I’ll be seeing Imitation Game. I’d rather see Alan Turning’s story told accurately. As for his pardon, I guess it means something to some people, but 60 years after his death is pretty meaningless to me. Hope it atleast makes his living relatives happy.


      • Yeah, his pardon is more about symbolism and an admission that the government was wrong.


  10. Hi, I’m rooting through ‘Brave’ (the Merida Brave) and I’m putting a 5 week resource together for my classes of 12 year olds. Can I run it passed you?


  11. PeachyPerson said:

    Your blog is awesome and very insightful!! Are you going to review the film Kingdom of Heaven (2005; directed by Ridley Scot and stars Orlando Bloom and Liam Neeson)?


  12. Have you watched ‘Lion of the desert’, depicting the life of Omar Mukhtar?


  13. Nancy Kay Eddy said:

    My maiden name is Cummins which we are ancestors of John Comyn….I have trouble with John Comyn having rightful heir to the throne and Robert Bruce not ….although I love seeing anything on the subject…I feel like the Comyn’s got robbed because of John the Red being slain at the altar of Greyfriers church…Why wasn’t anything done to him for murdering someone in the church…I know they were all ruthless but don’t like seeing Robert the Bruce being a hero of Scotland when he played both sides…. just my thinking….

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  14. Canadian Admirer said:

    Thanks for your terrific contribution. Request: could you please review the 2006 biopic about William Wilberforce, ‘Amazing Grace?’ It would help me in my work, as I refer students to your reviews. Keep up the fantastic work!


    • I’ve been really busy with work this semester, so my reviewing has sharply slowed down. If I can find time, I hope to get back to it soon. If you’d care to make a donation to my Paypal
      account, I’ll be glad to put the film at the top of my list (assuming I can get access to it).


  15. Luanna801 said:

    Your blog is absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for the thorough, balanced, thoughtful analysis.


  16. Harsha LulzSec said:

    any future articles about Apocalypto,The Last of the Mohicans


  17. I’ve just stumbled over you blogposts about Braveheart: totally brillliant. Especially since I’ve just watched it with a friend of mine, whi was rather unimpressed my my rambeling on about its mistakes, so its fascinating to read another perspective frome someone who points out things I didn’t even notice.

    Just out of curiosity, are you planning to do a blogpost about Hamilton, since you’ve already done 1776?

    I’m looking forward to reading more from you


  18. What’s your name? I’m trying to find your name for the article you wrote about The Mummy (1999).


  19. Mercédès Meyer said:

    I’ve been reading through your
    Blog all throughout the Easter weekend
    And I’m so happy to have found some
    Place that reflects my thoughts and
    Feelings when watching historical
    Movies , and being informed about so
    Many more faults that I never noticed as
    Obviously I’m not a professional.
    Finally I’m not alona any more
    Screaming internally when Marcus Aurelius and Gaius and Gracchus wants to ‘restore the republic’ or watching Spartans or sarmatians in battle and (god have mercy) every little bit of that King Arthur movie,
    does anyone in Hollywood understand the purpose and duties of members of the Catholic Church or any knowledge of geography ?
    I am not alone anymore, there are others like me, thank you for this.
    Have you ever thought of reviewing
    ‘The messenger: story of Joan of Arc’
    With mila Jovivich ? As you’re an expert in medieval England and heresy.
    Or ‘a knights tale’ with heath ledger?

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Kate Frohrib said:

    Would like to add Gentleman Jack to the review list when you’re able to resume reviews.


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