So I’ve been doing this blog for a little over a year, and hopefully you’ve found what I have to say about history and film worth reading. Because blogging takes time and effort and money (going to movies these days ain’t cheap, especially given my popcorn habit), it would be nice to get some return on my efforts. But I hate the idea of putting up useless ads that just distract my readers and offer little value to them.

Instead, I want to do something that will help my readers pursue things they find interesting from this blog as well as offering me a little financial support. So I’ve decided to join the Amazon Affiliate program. I’ll be including links to Amazon items you might be interested in, specifically versions of the film and series I’m reviewing as well as books about the related subjects for those who want to learn more about the topics I’m exploring. So if you want to do some further reading about a subject or just want to help support my blogging work, go to the bottom of the page and click through to Amazon to look at some of the books I’m recommending. I get a small percentage of anything you buy on that visit (including things I haven’t recommended).

I’ll do my best to include only quality works that I think are worth your time and money. Most of what I’ll include will be by professional scholars, rather than popular works by non-scholars (unless I think they’re of high quality). I’ll also include editions of the primary sources if I think they’re worth it and easily accessible. If you disagree with a title I’ve selected, I’ll reconsider my recommendation. And please report any broken links or mistakes you run across.

I hope this is a good way to help you learn more about historical subjects you’re interested in. Let me know what you think–I’m interested in your thoughts. And feel free to offer your own recommendations. If they look appropriate, I’ll include them.

Thanks for reading my blog!