Gabriel Valdez of Basilmarinerchase.wordpress.com kindly asked me to contribute a short essay about what I thought the best movie of the year was. After some thought on the matter, I finally settled on what most of you will probably think is a rather odd choice. Jump over to “The Movies We Loved in 2014–By Friends of the Blog” to see how I and a number of other bloggers answered that question.

And if you don’t know Basilmarinerchase, by all means spend some time looking around. There are a lot of interesting posts about a range of intriguing topics, like the regular feature on Best Fight Scenes, and Best Movies Never Made (it seems the world suffered a loss when the Marx Brothers didn’t get to make Giraffes on Horseback Salads with Salvador Dali). If you’re a fan of film, I guarantee you’ll find something to like about this blog.